Renewable Thermal Collaborative

Case Studies

Case Study: Diageo Distillery

When constructing a new distillery in Kentucky, Diageo decided to use electric boilers powered by a mix of 100% renewable wind and solar energy sources rather than conventional thermal processes. This choice — in addition to several sustainability features — resulted in significant avoided emissions and furthers Diageo’s commitment to reach to net-zero carbon across

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Sustainable Options for Reducing Emissions from Thermal Energy: Showcasing Successful Outcomes from Six Case Studies

Today, in a report to the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC), the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) published a series of six case studies illustrating renewable thermal technologies used by members of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative. The set of case studies represents a range of different solutions across an array of industries. They highlight different

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Case Study Submission Form

The RTC will be working to expand our portfolio of renewable thermal case studies. We invite our members and sponsors to help us identify new projects to include by submitting a potential case study submission. 

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