Webinar: RTC’s July 29th, 2022 Briefing to the House Manufacturing Caucus

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RTC’s July 29th, 2022 Briefing to the House Manufacturing Caucus”
Summary: “The RTC hosted a briefing with the House Manufacturing Caucus on July 26, 2022. The Caucus is a bipartisan educational group of about 100 members of Congress and their staffs focused on issues that are relevant to the advancement of American manufacturing. RTC’s briefing provided an overview of leading renewable thermal technologies for industrial heating and cooling, common deployment barriers, and how federal policy can advance these solutions. The briefing featured a panel of RTC members and sponsors to discuss their successes and challenges with deployment and the key considerations companies face with decarbonizing their thermal demand. Panelists included Rachel Goldstein of Mars, Inc., Andrew Jarrick of Diageo, and Inbal Nachman of Skyven Technologies.

Webinar: Electrifying 6,000 Buildings Using Innovative Financing: Ithaca, NY’s Plan

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The City of Ithaca, NY has announced an ambitious plan to electrify 6,000 existing residential and commercial buildings by 2030. Part of the City’s Green New Deal, Ithaca is partnering with two unique firms – RTC sponsor Alturus and BlocPower – to fund the entire effort. Luis Aguirre-Torres, Director of Sustainability for the City of Ithaca, and Charlie Daum, Managing […]

Webinar: Renewable Thermal Energy – Turning up the Heat for Industrial Jobs, Competitiveness and Energy Security While Cutting Emissions

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On April 27th, the RTC hosted a webinar on how decarbonizing thermal energy from the U.S. industrial and commercial sectors will reduce emissions, create jobs, and increase energy security and competitiveness. In the U.S., industrial emissions are the third largest source of emissions after electricity and transportation. Decarbonizing this sector is critical to meet our […]

Webinar: The California RNG Standard– What it means for end-users and the future of the RNG market

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On February 24th, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) set renewable natural gas (RNG) supply requirements for California utilities. Gas utilities are required to supply increasing amounts of RNG to residential and commercial customers; 12% RNG by 2030. This standard is the first of its kind in the United States. See the recording below for […]

Recording: Electrification of Industrial Boilers

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On Tuesday, December 7 the RTC held the webinar, “Electrification of Industrial Boilers,” which hosted Dr. Ali Hasanbeigi from Global Efficiency Intelligence and Dr. Jibran Zuberi from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The pair shared the results from their new report “Electrification of Boilers in U.S. Manufacturing.” The report analyzes boiler electrification in all U.S. industrial […]

Heating Up Decarbonization: Scaling Solar Thermal – A New Assessment

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As part of our continuing work to help large energy users understand and deploy renewable thermal technologies, the Renewable Thermal Collaborative introduced its new Solar Thermal Technology Assessment. This assessment explores four primary questions: What is the economic and technical potential of solar thermal in the near and long terms? What are the major barriers […]

Webinar: Renewable Thermal Collaborative – Projects Working Group Launch

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The RTC is launching a new initiative to help thermal energy users address barriers and accelerate progress toward their decarbonization goals. Open to RTC Members and other interested thermal energy users, the Projects Working Group will engage with companies to: Identify specific barriers and opportunities; Scope potential collaborative approaches to address them; Share proposals with […]

Webinar: Renewable Thermal Policy: Challenges & Opportunities

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Thermal energy, energy used for industrial processes and to heat and cool buildings, is a significant contributor to global energy demand and to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While policy solutions have been implemented for decades to expand the development and deployment of renewable electricity, low-carbon renewable thermal technologies have not benefitted from such widespread policy […]

Webinar: Electrifying U.S. Industry

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On January 27, 2021 from 12:00-1:00pm EST, the Renewable Thermal Collaborative introduced their new report, “Electrifying U.S. Industry: A Technology and Process-Based Approach to Decarbonization.” This report is comprised of a bottom-up industrial subsector, systems, and technology-level Technical Assessment and an Action Plan. The Technical Assessment provides an analysis of the current state of industrial […]

Webinar: Green Hydrogen and Power-to-X: Perspectives on the Emerging Industrial Fuel

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There is a lot of buzz around hydrogen, and the RTC is excited to join the conversation about the role of hydrogen as a versatile emissions-reducing alternative. On October 27, 2020 at 12:00pm ET, the Renewable Thermal Collaborative hosted a webinar looking at the role of green hydrogen as an emerging industrial fuel. Speakers: Louise Hansen, […]