Case Study: Thermal Energy Storage at Herkkumaa Food Manufacturing Facility

Herkkumaa Oy, a Finnish food manufacturer, partnered with RTC Solutions Provider Elstor Oy to deploy a 10 MWh thermal energy storage (TES) system to decarbonize its steam production. Implemented in 2023, this system converts electricity into thermal energy and stores it for on-demand use, replacing the burning of light fuel oil. The TES system provides up to 3,000 MWh of steam annually, fully eliminating emissions from process heating and reducing annual energy costs by $140,000. The Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model used for this project minimizes upfront costs and financial risks for Herkkumaa while stabilizing energy costs and enabling participation in grid demand response programs.

Read the case study to learn more about this thermal energy storage technology, its benefits to the facility, and lessons learned from the project.

Webinar Recording

The RTC hosted a webinar about this case study featuring experts from Elstor Oy and Herkkumaa Oy. Click the icon to watch the recording.

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