RTC Webinar Recording – Thermal Batteries: Opportunities to Accelerate Decarbonization of Industrial Heating

Thermal battery technology presents the opportunity to draw from increasingly abundant renewable electricity sources to reduce nearly all greenhouse gas emissions from industrial heat – a sizable portion of overall U.S. emissions. Thermal batteries convert clean electricity through grid and off-grid sources into continuous industrial heat using simple components and storage materials while helping to balance the power grid.

To better understand the potential benefits of and barriers to the use of this technology for decarbonization, the RTC published the report Thermal Batteries: Opportunities to Accelerate Decarbonization of Industrial Heating, prepared in partnership with The Brattle Group. The report found that thermal batteries can be cost-competitive in much of the U.S. today, and that opportunity will likely grow along with the continued buildout of renewable electricity sources. Based on modeling as well as interviews with industrial energy buyers and thermal battery developers, the report offers a clear view of use cases where thermal batteries will be most cost-competitive for industrial companies and makes recommendations for policymakers and electricity market operators to further unlock the technology by addressing regulatory barriers.

The RTC released the report via webinar on October 5. Speakers at the event included:

  • Doron Brenmiller, Executive Vice President of Commercial, Brenmiller
  • Blaine Collison, Executive Director, Renewable Thermal Collaborative
  • Caroline Jo, Vice President of Project Finance, Rondo Energy
  • Chris Kardish, Senior Manager of Industrial Decarbonization, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
  • Nick Soncrant, Head of Business Development, Antora Energy
  • Kathleen Spees, Principal, The Brattle Group 
  • Phillip Stephenson, Vice President of Business Development, Electrified Thermal Solutions
  • Greg Wellman, Technology Manager of Decarbonization, Eastman 
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