Partnership Workshops, Winter 2024

On February 7 & 8, the RTC held virtual Partnership Workshops consisting of curated, one-to-one networking between RTC Members and Solutions Providers. These workshops built on the program from the RTC’s Pilot Projects Workshops in May 2023.

The workshops allowed RTC Members to conduct a series of one-on-one meetings with RTC Solutions Providers to learn about how their solutions can help advance decarbonization goals. RTC Members (energy buyers) selected a series of RTC Solutions Providers (renewable thermal solutions providers) ahead of time, and the RTC organized consecutive 10-minute meetings between the two companies.

The RTC is paired these workshops with presentations about federal tax credit applications. Experts from the BlueGreen Alliance & K&L Gates covered best practices for developing the Community Benefits Plans required to access many federal clean energy programs.

To participate in future sessions, companies must join the RTC. Learn more about the opportunities for RTC Members and Solutions Providers.