RFP: Opportunities for Scaling Renewable Thermal Energy Solutions in the Chemical Sector in the U.S. and Recommendations for Large Energy Users

To accelerate the deployment of renewable thermal energy solutions in the Chemical Sector, the RTC is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to conduct technology, market, and policy analysis on existing and emerging renewable thermal energy solutions for corporate buyers in this sector and develop action-based recommendations for corporate buyers to work with key market and policy stakeholders to accelerate the uptake of renewable thermal energy solutions. The project aims to:   

  • Establish a holistic view of the thermal energy needs and current landscape of renewable thermal applications in various subsectors in the Chemical Sector in the U.S.  
  • Evaluate the potential of the Chemical Sector to scale cost-effective and sustainable renewable thermal energy in the short-, mid-and long-term.  
  • Evaluate the environmental and social considerations of transitioning this sector, especially implications on local communities, related workforce, and people with disabilities.  
  • Provide recommendations for large corporate energy buyers on joint actions they can take to scale renewable thermal solutions in the Chemical Sector.    

Proposals are due by October 25, 2023 to Cihang Yuan (cihang.yuan@wwfus.org). Please reach out with any questions.

The deadline for this RFP has passed.