Webinar: Renewable Thermal Collaborative – Projects Working Group Launch

The RTC is launching a new initiative to help thermal energy users address barriers and accelerate progress toward their decarbonization goals.

Open to RTC Members and other interested thermal energy users, the Projects Working Group will engage with companies to:

  • Identify specific barriers and opportunities;
  • Scope potential collaborative approaches to address them;
  • Share proposals with the full Working Group;
  • Prioritize, fund, and execute projects together.

The Group will share project results, insights, and findings with the RTC community.

This webinar provided a detailed look at the pilot process, timeline, the current list of project opportunities, and detailed next steps for thermal energy users that may wish to participate.

Europe-based consultants Verco and Galvanised have joined the RTC team to support the initiative.


  • Blaine Collison, Executive Director, RTC
  • Oliver Hurrey, Founder, Galvanised
  • Andy Todd, Director of Corporates, Verco

Watch a full recording of the event here. Download the slides here.