Heating Up Decarbonization: Scaling Solar Thermal – A New Assessment

As part of our continuing work to help large energy users understand and deploy renewable thermal technologies, the Renewable Thermal Collaborative introduced its new Solar Thermal Technology Assessment.

This assessment explores four primary questions:

  • What is the economic and technical potential of solar thermal in the near and long terms?
  • What are the major barriers to accelerated industrial deployment of solar thermal technologies?
  • How can we address those barriers?
  • What can large energy users do to accelerate their decarbonization efforts using solar thermal?

The RTC’s new Technology Assessment highlights original research and the findings of our working group, comprised of solar thermal technology providers, technical experts, and large industrial energy users. We shared the working group’s recommendations around the identified barriers, solutions, and actions, and conduct live polling to capture attendees’ feedback on those findings. We also featured short technology overviews from the RTC’s solar thermal Solutions Providers, providing attendees with information about immediately viable solar thermal solutions.

Speakers Included:

  • Blaine Collison, Executive Director, Renewable Thermal Collaborative
  • Claire Dougherty, Research Analyst, Renewable Thermal Collaborative
  • Don Frank, Founder and Owner, SolarUV Solutions
  • Michael Intrieri, Founder and CEO, SunDrum Solar
  • Dr. Nate Thomas, Lead Simulation Engineer, Heliogen

Watch a full recording of the webinar here. Download the slides from the presentation here