Webinar: Industrial Electrification – Implications for State Utility Regulators

Join RTC Executive Director Blaine Collison and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) for a webinar on May 25 discussing the recent report Industrial Electrification in U.S. States

Achieving greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets will require innovative approaches to decarbonizing energy use across all sectors of the economy. The industrial sector’s demands for electricity and heat accounts for around one-fourth of U.S. energy use and emissions, yet emissions reductions have been harder to achieve than in the power generation sector. How can emissions-intensive industries leverage electrification to decarbonize? What impact will this have on grid reliability, energy costs, and emissions? And what can regulators do to reduce barriers for industrial customers who want to electrify? This webinar will share highlights from the report analyzing the electrification potential for 12 industrial subsectors across 20 states. Panelists will discuss emerging technologies, grid impacts, co-benefits, and recommendations for policymakers and regulators to facilitate industrial electrification.

Moderator: Hon. Tyler Huebner, Wisconsin


  • Blaine Collison, Executive Director, Renewable Thermal Collaborative
  • Sara Baldwin, Senior Director, Electrification, Energy Innovation
  • Ed Rightor, Director, Center for Clean Energy Innovation, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation