LinkedIn Live: Chemical Sector Assessment Release Preview

On June 17, 2024, the RTC streamed a session to LinkedIn Live previewing our upcoming Chemical Sector Assessment. Cihang Yuan, Senior Program Officer at World Wildlife Fund, and Caroline Narich, Managing Director & Net Zero Strategy Lead at Accenture, discussed the context and purpose of the assessment along with the key takeaways.

The chemical sector constitutes ~20% of U.S. industrial emissions. One-third of these emissions are attributed to the three key processes: 1) Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) and Haber Bosh to produce Ammonia, 2) Steam Cracking to produce High Value Chemicals, and 3) Steam Reforming (SMR) to produce Methanol. Demand from all three value chains is expected to grow significantly by 2050, necessitating drastic changes to decarbonize the production processes. The RTC’s Chemical Sector Assessment identifies key decarbonization pathways to prioritize, examines ways the implementation of solutions can benefit the communities they operate in, and addresses the policies and regulations needed to support deployment.

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