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Elstor is a leading provider of zero-carbon Electrified Thermal Energy Storage for industrial steam and heat production. We provide highly scalable solutions of 5-100MWh of high-temperature heat storage (up to 500C/932F) delivered on demand as steam or heat at an operating cost below fossil fuel power.

What makes Elstor unique?

Estor has five real commercial deployments to date, not just demonstration sites, with three years of valuable customer data, delivering:

  • Emission-free steam and heat
  • Steam and heat discharge at up to 250C/482F and 16 bar/230 psi
  • Significantly lowering costs vs. fossil fuel solutions with investment payback time in 4-8 years
  • Energy efficiency from electricity to steam/heat: 95-97%
  • Demand response to the grid (as a bonus)
  • Improved customer workforce happiness (with our fully automatic remotely controlled solution)

Provide us with your last 12 months of steam usage and Estor will create a steam profile showing you your potential savings, free of charge.

Contact Information

Christina Joyce, Strategic Advisor

Phone: (646) 220-0135


Kari Suninen, Co-Founder and CEO

Phone: +358 40 558 3706