The RTC Summit: Overcoming Barriers, Driving Implementation, and Growing the Network

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) organizes our work around three primary focuses: reducing barriers, driving implementation, and growing the renewable thermal network.  Every session at the RTC’s first annual Summit – held virtually November 9-10, 2020 – is designed to create progress across this framework. The barriers to accelerating renewable thermal deployment are well-known to energy users around the world: […]

Decarbonizing Thermal Energy: Lessons from the Renewable Electricity Markets

By Blaine Collison, Executive Director of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative I was describing my work on renewable thermal to someone recently, and they asked, “so this is all about accelerating technology, right?” The answer is “no.”  Or better yet, “Yes, and….” Many of us working on renewable thermal through the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) have extensive experience with the renewable […]

Hydrogen: An Introduction for Commercial and Industrial End-Users

By Claire Dougherty, Research Analyst, David Gardiner and Associates Hydrogen – particularly green hydrogen – has been in the news more and more.  Excitement surrounds hydrogen’s wide range of applications, zero-emissions potential, and energy storage capabilities.  The goal of this blog is to help companies begin think through the hydrogen opportunity; what is it, what can it do for industry, […]

A Preview of Biden Administration Industrial Decarbonization? Key Takeaways from Recent Climate Plans

By Blaine Collison, Senior Vice President, David Gardiner and Associates, and Claire Dougherty, Research Associate, David Gardiner and Associates This summer, the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, the Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis, and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden each released climate action plans, all carrying strong implications for industrial decarbonization. Each report identifies decarbonization […]

Renewable Heating and Cooling Lags Behind Renewable Electricity Despite Significant Demand

Recently, the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century, more commonly known as REN21, released their annual Global Status Report which serves as a global industry update tracking renewable energy trends worldwide and providing insight into potential opportunities for market or policy growth. This year’s report highlighted two interesting trends for global renewable energy. The first is that the […]

L’Oréal USA On Why Thermal Energy is Key to Their Sustainability Goals

AUTHOR: Jay Harf, L’Oreal USA’s Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety, & Sustainability L’Oréal USA has joined the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC), a coalition of manufacturers, state and local governments, and environmental organizations committed to increasing options for access to sustainable, cost-competitive renewable thermal energy. Jay Harf, L’Oréal USA’s Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety, & Sustainability, shares more about why […]

Companies Setting Ambitious Climate and Energy Targets Turn to Renewable Thermal Solutions

Companies are increasingly turning to renewable thermal solutions to achieve their ambitious emission reduction targets. The latest company to announce a thermal project is L’Oreal USA, which made their major announcement today at the Climate Leadership Conference, where the Renewable Thermal Collaborative hosted a workshop. L’Oréal USA plans to achieve carbon neutrality in 2019 for all 21 of its U.S. […]