RTC Summit Key Findings: “Building a Path to Thermal Decarbonization: The Institutional Buyers’ Perspective”

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By: Cihang Yuan, Program Officer, Climate and Energy, World Wildlife Fund While much of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative’s (RTC) work focuses on industrial process energy, decarbonizing buildings’ thermal energy is a critical piece of the puzzle for bending the emissions curve. Fossil-fuel combustion attributed to residential and commercial buildings accounts for roughly 29 percent of […]

Webinar: Electrification of Industrial Boilers – Dec. 7

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in collaboration with Global Efficiency Intelligence has conducted a comprehensive techno-economic analysis of electrification of industrial boilers. The study analyzes the electrification of boilers in all industrial subsectors in the U.S. and all 50 states, separately. The report presents the detailed methodology and results for energy saving, GHG emissions reduction, and […]

Clean Industrial Heat: A Technology Inclusive Framework

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This brief was prepared by C2ES with the generous support of Breakthrough Energy, LLC. for the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) and C2ES Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) to inform discussions on pathways for decarbonizing thermal heating loads for the industrial sector. This brief presents several pathways that can enable large-scale deployment of clean industrial heat. […]