Claire Dougherty

Renewable Thermal Policy Principles

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative supports policies to accelerate deployment of affordable and sustainable renewable thermal technologies. As renewable thermal buyers aiming to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we need access to cost-effective, responsibly sourced, renewable and lower-carbon thermal energy solutions, including biomass, biogas, geothermal, landfill

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Recording: Electrification of Industrial Boilers

On Tuesday, December 7 the RTC held the webinar, “Electrification of Industrial Boilers,” which hosted Dr. Ali Hasanbeigi from Global Efficiency Intelligence and Dr. Jibran Zuberi from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The pair shared the results from their new report “Electrification of Boilers in U.S.

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Clean Industrial Heat: A Technology Inclusive Framework

This brief was prepared by C2ES with the generous support of Breakthrough Energy, LLC. for the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) and C2ES Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) to inform discussions on pathways for decarbonizing thermal heating loads for the industrial sector. This brief presents several

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