Clean Industrial Heat: A Technology Inclusive Framework

This brief was prepared by C2ES with the generous support of Breakthrough Energy, LLC. for the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) and C2ES Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) to inform discussions on pathways for decarbonizing thermal heating loads for the industrial sector.

This brief presents several pathways that can enable large-scale deployment of clean industrial heat. First, it identifies the scale of the industrial emissions challenge, focusing on heat-related emissions from industrial processes. Next, it defines a clean heat technology-inclusive approach and the criteria needed for success. Then, it lays out rationale of why technology-inclusive strategies make sense, and evaluates the strengths and weakness of technologies. Then, it highlights current demonstration projects, followed by key insights from interviews with Members of the C2ES Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) and the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC). Finally, it provides recommendations for developing a technology-inclusive approach to decarbonizing industrial heat.

Download Report: Technology-Inclusive Framework