Webinar Recording: Chemical Sector Assessment

On June 25, 2024, the RTC hosted an in-depth webinar unveiling our Chemical Sector Assessment, supported by Accenture Development Partnerships. This report presents a streamlined roadmap for decarbonizing the chemical sector, which contributes nearly 20% of overall U.S. industrial emissions. Focused on the three most emissions-intensive production processes — ammonia, methanol, and High-Value Chemicals (HCVs) — the assessment outlines how clean hydrogen, waste-derived biomass, and other low-carbon thermal technologies can reduce emissions by over 60% by 2050. Watch the webinar recording to hear a detailed exploration of the analysis and to hear the RTC’s recommendations for chemical companies, their customers, and policymakers looking to decarbonize this critical sector.

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Picture of  Meghan Doherty
Meghan Doherty

Manager - Sustainability Strategy, Accenture Development Partnerships

Picture of Caroline Narich
Caroline Narich

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy

Picture of Felix Schröder
Felix Schröder

Strategy Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy

Picture of Sriram Varadarajan
Sriram Varadarajan

NA Climate & Environment Lead, Accenture Development Partnerships

Picture of Cihang Yuan
Cihang Yuan

Senior Program Officer, Climate and Energy, World Wildlife Fund