Webinar: Green Hydrogen and Power-to-X: Perspectives on the Emerging Industrial Fuel

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There is a lot of buzz around hydrogen, and the RTC is excited to join the conversation about the role of hydrogen as a versatile emissions-reducing alternative. On October 27, 2020 at 12:00pm ET, join the Renewable Thermal Collaborative for a webinar looking at the role of green hydrogen as an emerging industrial fuel.

Louise Hansen from Energinet and Thomas Young Hwang Westring Jensen from Wind Denmark will begin the conversation by discussing Europe’s role within the growing hydrogen economy and the progress that Denmark has currently made in this emerging field. In the European Union, hydrogen is considered the energy carrier of tomorrow, and the EU Commission has set a goal of 40 GW installed electrolyzer capacity in 2030. In the future, holistic planning of the energy system will be key to unlock the potential of green hydrogen. Hansen will discuss European policy and the implications and incentives for TSOs.

In Denmark more specifically, the energy system is entering a new phase where power-to-x, the conversion of electricity to another form of energy such as fuels for direct combustion, storage, or transportation, including hydrogen, provides a promising solution for accelerating indirect electrification in hard-to-abate sectors while maintaining a high value of renewable energy. Jensen will share his insight on market mechanisms and the role of excess wind power in the green hydrogen conversation.

The European perspectives will provide an understanding of the existing market and examples of mechanisms already in place for the production and distribution of green hydrogen.

Building off of this conversation, Patrick Molloy from the Rocky Mountain Institute will be discussing the opportunities for deployment of hydrogen linked systems as a means of deeper decarbonization. Throughout his work, Molloy has focused on industrial decarbonization in mining and chemical supply chains. His discussion will focus on what hydrogen means for industrial end users and how they should approach this emerging technology when considering their own operations.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and continuing RTC’s work on hydrogen into the future.


Louise Hansen, Energinet

Thomas Jensen, Wind Denmark

Patrick Molloy, Rocky Mountain Institute

Blaine Collison, Renewable Thermal Collaborative

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