Climate Week 2020 Panel: The Road to Decarbonizing Industrial Heat: The Need for a Clean Heat Strategy

Heat is the largest contribution to energy consumption in our society. To address the climate emergency, we urgently need to decarbonize the energy required for heat in buildings and industrial processes. However, natural gas remains the predominant source of heating for both the healthcare industry and business at large in many countries. The current reality is that availability of green gas is limited and is not meeting growing demands. A clean heat strategy is required that addresses the role renewable electricity plays alongside other alternative low-carbon technologies such as green gas, hydrogen and fuel cells. We need to drive private and public sector partnership to ensure that infrastructure and investment exists to meet the demand for clean heat and tackle the climate crisis.

Panelists included:

  • David Croft – Global Director Sustainability, Environment & Human Rights, RB
  • Dr Julio Friedmann – Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University SIPA
  • Louise Nicholls – Managing Director, Suseco
  • Ben Norbury – Global Climate Lead, AstraZeneca
  • Marty Spitzer – Senior Director, Climate and Renewable Energy, World Wildlife Fund

To watch a full recording of the event, click here.