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NovoHydrogen (“Novo”) develops, owns, and operates green hydrogen production facilities offering distributed industrial-grade hydrogen across the U.S. Novo focuses on the origination, development, operations, and financing of green hydrogen projects, leveraging its extensive partner network throughout the green hydrogen value chain to execute projects at customer’s facilities or in centralized locations.

Novo provides both onsite and offsite green hydrogen solutions. Novo can help generate hydrogen (and oxygen) where a customer needs it with an on-site electrolyzer powered by renewable energy. For onsite projects, Novo would work with the customer and adjacent landowners to determine the best approach for procuring green electrons to serve electrolyzers, compressors, and other power-dependent equipment and deliver the hydrogen molecule to the customer.

Novo also leverages the scale of its off-site renewable hydrogen projects to deliver hydrogen (and oxygen) reliably to the customer’s facililty. Using trucks or pipeline infrastructure, we can safely and reliably deliver green hydrogen to a customer’s facility from our centralized production sites which are currently under development. Depending on the distance, the hydrogen would likely be trucked via gaseous tube trailers to the end user who will likely have onsite storage.

The equipment required to produce, distribute, store, and use hydrogen includes electrolyzers, compressors, storage containers, midstream components, and end-use equipment. This will include utilizing proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, compressors (diaphragm, reciprocating, etc.), storage tanks (above ground gaseous storage cylinders, underground silos), trucks or pipelines for midstream transportation, and equipment to combust or use the hydrogen such as furnaces, refueling stations, etc.


Jackson Becce, Business Development Associate