Testimony: Bob Perciasepe on Industrial Climate Policies to Create Jobs

Washington D.C. (March 18, 2021) — On Thursday, March 18, 2021, Bob Perciasepe, President of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) testified on behalf of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative to the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change hearing on “The CLEAN Future Act: Industrial Climate Policies to Create Jobs and Support Working […]

Biogenic Carbon Footprint Calculator for Harvested Wood Products

This month, Renewable Thermal Collaborative facilitator, World Wildlife Fund, launched their Biogenic Carbon Footprint Calculator for Harvested Wood Products tool. The World Wildlife Fund, in partnership with Quantis, Intl., have developed a free, user-friendly calculator to calculate biogenic emissions for a variety of forest-based products. The calculator’s aim is to support companies in the dynamic accounting of biogenic emissions of […]

Industrial Electrification: A New RTC Project and Industry Survey

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC), together with Global Efficiency Intelligence (GEI), is conducting a project to accelerate the beneficial electrification of heat needs in the industrial sector.  As part of the project, we are asking industrial energy managers to share their perspectives and insights with us through a short online survey. The RTC and GEI have convened a Working Group of technical […]

David Gardiner and Associates Responds to Requests for Information from Congress with Information on Renewable Thermal Technologies

The House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis are working on climate legislation and solicited comments from a wide array of stakeholders. David Gardiner and Associates (DGA), one of the facilitating organizations for the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC), submitted responses to each committee that are focused on renewable thermal technologies. While the comments […]

Renewable Thermal Collaborative Successfully Launches at Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Summit 2017

Marty Spitzer, Senior Director for Climate and Renewable Energy at the World Wildlife Fund US (WWF) and Steve Skarda, Global Climate and Energy Leader at Procter & Gamble, successfully launched the Renewable Thermal Collaborative with an announcement at the 2017 Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) Summit in California in September. Bryn Baker, WWF’s Manager of Renewable Energy Program, also moderated a […]

Cross-sector Collaborative Launches to Tackle Energy, Emissions from Heating and Cooling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 18, 2017 CONTACT: Dylan Gasperik, Tigercomm 323-804-2768, dgasperik@tigercomm.us Renewable thermal technologies provide opportunity to offset large chunk of energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions from heating and cooling Santa Clara, California — A new collaborative of manufacturers, state and local governments, and environmental organizations launched today at the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Summit to increase options […]