Webinar: Renewable Thermal Energy – Turning up the Heat for Industrial Jobs, Competitiveness and Energy Security While Cutting Emissions

On April 27th, the RTC hosted a webinar on how decarbonizing thermal energy from the U.S. industrial and commercial sectors will reduce emissions, create jobs, and increase energy security and competitiveness. In the U.S., industrial emissions are the third largest source of emissions after electricity and transportation. Decarbonizing this sector is critical to meet our climate goals, and developing and deploying renewable thermal technologies can help drive investments in new and existing industries, make U.S. industries economically stronger, make our communities healthier and more just, and create jobs up and down the industrial value chain.
See the recording below for a conversation about the importance of renewable thermal solutions for U.S. industry.
Speakers included:

  • Peter Dahm, Sustainability Director for Operations and Natural Resources, Cargill
  • Hannah Abell, Energy Strategy Engineer, General Motors
  • Rachel Goldstein, North America Public Policy Director, Mars, Inc.
  • Marty Spitzer, Senior Director of Climate and Renewable Energy, World Wildlife Fund