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DBA Modern Thermal Solutions

Solar UV Solutions is an Indiana-based, United States, company with a focus on high-temperature commercial and industrial heat production. Our patented SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors utilize evacuated tube technology to convert ultraviolet (UV) rays into a renewable source of usable energy. UV rays allows us to produce heat even with cloudy or overcast weather conditions.  The thermal energy can then be used in several commercial applications, such as high-volume water heating, domestic hot water (DHW), radiant floor heating and preheat make-up water for steam applications. The SunQuest 250 panels are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize heat loss, and each collector can produce up to 30,000 BTUs per hour, with a 10-hour average solar day. With each application, we cut energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions in half. Think of us as a “solar boiler” using free renewable energy.

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Don Frank, Owner


Phone: (317) 418-0059