Wilson Engineering Services

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Solar Thermal, Thermal Storage, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Beneficial Electrification, Green Hydrogen, Biomass, Thermal Efficiency, Advisory Services, Engineering Consulting

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Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, United States

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WES provides advisory and engineering consulting services for owners to drive efficient energy use, process improvements, and decarbonization. WES provides organizational or facility strategic planning assistance, feasibility analysis on broad or specific scales, and facility assessments, along with solution implementation engineering, project management, and commissioning services. WES does not sell equipment or represent equipment vendors or manufacturers. WES partners with clients as the Owner’s Engineer to provide consulting assistance across technology and process areas, with a focus on holistic solutions which meet organization and facility goals through effective integration of decarbonization and energy efficiency options.

WES has specific expertise and experience across the suite of commercial and industrial options for renewable thermal energy. This experience allows WES to identify solutions that are specific to individual facilities, as well as to help standardize solutions that are scalable across an organization’s portfolio.

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