Wilson Engineering Services, PC

Organization Type:

Service Provider, Advisor/Financier


Solar Thermal, Thermal Storage, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Beneficial Electrification, Green Hydrogen, Biomass, Thermal Efficiency, Advisory Services, Engineering Consulting

Geographic Scope:

Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, United States

Temperature Range:



WES offers decarbonization consulting for Scope 1 reductions at the programmatic and project levels. WES partners with clients to execute a process for assessing thermal demands/processes/waste streams, reducing energy use, and implementing renewable solutions. WES’s broad expertise spans all facets of Scope 1 reduction, including: efficiency, beneficial electrification, waste heat capture, CHP, thermal chillers, biomass/biogas/RNG, solar thermal, heat pumps, TRECs, LCAs, and clean fleets.

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