Organization Type:

Service Provider


Solar Thermal, Thermal Storage, Beneficial Electrification, Green Hydrogen

Geographic Scope:

Canada, United States

Temperature Range:

Up to 1,000°C


Heliogen is a renewable energy technology company on a mission to decarbonize industry, using concentrated sunlight and thermal energy storage to deliver carbon-free heat, steam, power, and green hydrogen for round-the-clock operations.

HelioHeat™ (Product category covering industrial Heat, Steam, and Hot Air)

For industrial organizations looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Heliogen generates carbon-free, ultra-high temperature heat up to 1,000°C that can replace the need for fossil fuel-generated heat in facilities for cement, mining, petrochemicals, and other industrial processes. Heliogen’s HelioHeatTM solution converts sunlight directly to thermal energy, and incorporates long-duration storage, delivering high-temperature heat as steam or hot air for 10 hours or more, at any time of day.

HelioPower™ (Power Generation)

For organizations looking to decarbonize while supplying round-the-clock electricity, Heliogen’s HelioPower solution will use concentrating solar energy generation and thermal storage combined with supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) turbines to transform solar energy into electricity to power industrial facilities, data centers, mining operations, and other energy-intensive industries.

HelioFuel™ (Green Hydrogen Fuel)

By efficiently combining on-demand, carbon-free power with commercially available electrolyzers, Heliogen will produce green hydrogen that can be used to power industry and replace fossil fuels in transportation, heavy equipment, and heating applications. Because Heliogen’s system starts with thermal energy, it is also well-suited to integrate with next-generation solid oxide electrolysis technologies which produce more hydrogen per kWh of electrical energy by supplementing it with thermal energy in the form of steam.

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