Armstrong International

Organization Type:

Service Provider


Thermal Efficiency, Advisory Services, Project Financing

Geographic Scope:

Temperature Range:

From subfreezing to above 550°C


Armstrong has been helping companies improve thermal efficiency, lower energy use and reduce environmental emissions for more than a century. We’re global leaders in thermal utility management, and we can help you minimize your energy use, optimize your system, and decarbonize your facility’s primary energy sources more seamlessly than anyone in the world. Armstrong takes a distinctively practical, holistic approach to thermal decarbonization. We consider your entire thermal utility system, as well as the unique requirements of your facilities, industry, and geographical location. Performing a comprehensive thermal utility analysis of your site allows us to develop and implement a pragmatic plan of action that’s specifically engineered to achieve your objectives and meet you at your point of need. Your Roadmap to Decarbonization will include thermal mapping of your facilities and all the steps necessary to:
· Improve your production process and performance
· Increase safety
· Reduce environmental emissions
· Help you reach your net-zero goal
Armstrong is technology agnostic. We only recommend products that serve your best interests and help you achieve your goals—whether Armstrong sells them or not. So you can be confident that all the solutions we favor are those that are right for you.

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