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Founded in 1900, Armstrong is a respected global leader in thermal utility system management. The company provides expertise in steam, hot water, heat transfer, humidification, flow measurement and remote monitoring, as well as operations and maintenance services and specialized engineering for industrial and institutional customers, worldwide.

Armstrong’s distinctive decarbonization methodology is strengthened by a pragmatic, holistic approach that considers the entire thermal utility system as well as the unique requirements of the facilities and industry. After a full thermal analysis, Armstrong’s engineers develop and implement a tailor-made plan of action with all the steps necessary to reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions.

As a sage brand, Armstrong’s in-depth internal, field and technical knowledge encompasses the processes, systems, products and requirements vital to the industries it serves, including food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, higher education, hydrocarbon and chemical processing, agribusiness, data centers and hospitality. This knowledge is freely shared through Armstrong University online and Armstrong’s advanced Learning Centers, located around the globe.

Armstrong’s alignment with the decarbonization movement and RTC vision is reflected in its brand promise: To deliver intelligent system solutions that improve utility performance, lower energy consumption and reduce environmental emissions while providing an enjoyable experience.

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