Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting

This group seeks to establish Scope 1 (direct) emissions guidance for large energy buyers. Group Members agree that more clarity is needed around greenhouse gas accounting to support buyers’ decarbonization efforts.


This work’s previous convening produced a declaration of needs for Scope 1 emissions guidance from large energy buyers.

Working Group Members

RTC Member companies with an interest in clear greenhouse gas accounting and claims guidance to help shape, validate, and communicate their renewable energy purchases and emissions reductions.

Selected Publications

Declaration of needs for Scope 1 emissions guidance is here.

Workstream Activity

This workstream met regularly until the summer of 2021 and was on hiatus as the RTC awaited updated greenhouse gas accounting rules from the World Resources Institute (WRI) expected to be released in spring 2022. The Working group reconvened in June 2022.

Selected Past Events

The working group met regularly in the first half of 2021 and will meet periodically starting in June 2022.

RTC contact

Blaine Collison at