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Wisewood Energy is one of the nation’s leaders in developing advanced wood energy in service of community and the environment. We outfit local governments, businesses, and industries with right-sized biomass technology that strengthens economies, lowers energy costs and promotes environmental stewardship.

In line with the Renewable Thermal Collaborative’s mission, Wisewood delivers wood energy and processing projects at all stages of development to scale up renewable heating and cooling at client facilities, while cutting carbon emissions and reducing waste. From 3D conceptual design to create compelling visualization of a facility all the way to serving as General Contractor to oversee final engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as providing ongoing operational support to project owners, Wisewood advances decarbonization by delivering renewable options for thermal energy.

Wisewood projects span a broad range up to nearly $30M in investment size, from commercial pellet boilers less than 500 MBH to process heating systems over 30,000 MBH and combined heat-and-power systems. Thanks to this diverse experience, Wisewood Energy has developed a substantial breadth and depth of understanding and tailored skillsets to navigate biomass project complexities and guide clients to the solution best suited to their bespoke circumstances.

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