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Sunvapor is a technology and project developer that delivers deep decarbonization solutions to commercial and industrial customers. Sunvapor has been awarded four grants from the U. S. Department of Energy ($ 7 million) and two from the California Energy Commission ($ 4 million) for innovations related to energy storage, desalination, solar steam process integration, and collector manufacturing. Sunvapor is now developing the first solar industrial steam facility to go into operation in 2021. Sunvapor’s team has achieved several additional firsts, including: the World Record for solar concentration, first molten salt Fresnel collector demonstrated at Sandia National Laboratories, and the first solar gasification reactor to break the 40% efficiency barrier.


Industrial Solar Steam Achieving a 50% Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Solar Industrial Steam with Thermal Storage for Deep Decarbonization


Sunvapor’s Brine Management Solution – SCEPTRE

Sunvapor’s Virtual Jig Technology – Factory Acceptance Test

Press Releases

California Custom Processing Awarded $3.9 Million from the California Energy Commission to Process Almonds with a Sunvapor Steam Generator

Sunvapor Receives Award from Energy Department for Robotic Assembly of Concentrating Solar Collectors

Preparing for the Next Big Drought: Sunvapor Receives $1.5M Award from U. S. Department of Energy

Sunvapor Receives Award from U. S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative for Green Solar Collector


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