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Service Provider, Advisor/Financier


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Veolia North America (VNA) offers a full spectrum of water, waste, and energy management services, including water and wastewater treatment, commercial and hazardous waste collection and disposal, energy consulting, and resource recovery. VNA helps commercial, industrial, healthcare, higher education, and municipality customers throughout North America. Headquartered in Boston, Mass., Veolia North America has more than 10,000 employees working at more than 350 locations across the continent. In terms of energy services, Veolia provides facility management and plant O&M, including HVAC and power plant O&M, capital projects and asset management, energy supply and generation including consulting, development, ownership, and operations for district energy networks, CHP, central utility plants, microgrids, solar and storage, and biomass plants, and energy optimization, including energy efficiency services, energy enterprise management, advanced metering and data management, and energy advisory and strategy.

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Mike Byrnes, SVP Energy Services