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Service Provider


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Thermal Storage: Up to 500C (932F); Heat/Steam Discharging: Up to 250C (482F); Steam Pressure: 16 bar / 230 psi


Elstor is a leading provider of zero-carbon Electrified Thermal Energy Storage (ETES) systems for industrial steam and heat production. We provide highly scalable solutions of 5-100MWh of high-temperature heat storage (up to 500C/932F) delivered on demand as steam or heat at an operating cost below fossil fuel power.

Elstor has three years of successful commercial deployments of its ETES system with five industrial customers who have switched from natural gas or light fuel oil to thermal storage at substantial savings. These projects have proven our system’s reliability, steam quality, and cost reduction and decarbonization potential. ETES is installed easily and linked to existing equipment with zero disruption to operations. We also offer a “Steam/Heat As A Service” pay-as-you-go option.

Estor’s ETES system supports time shifting to power during off-peak hours, providing significant energy savings and automated demand response for even more savings. Charging and discharging can occur simultaneously. ETES has a 30+ year lifespan (unlimited for storage) and reduces CO2 emissions by 500 to 10,000 tons with each unit.

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