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Verse’s Aria™ software platform uses advanced decision making and generative AI to help companies transition to clean power. It empowers organizations to make better power procurement decisions – from clean energy goal setting and asset valuation to market insights and RFO transactions – more quickly and cost-effectively than legacy approaches.

Verse is helping customers procure clean power to meet the IRA’s 45V green H2 hourly matching requirements – thereby making green H2 more widely available to facilitate decarbonization of industrial thermal processes.

Risk-management: Verse delivers optimal, future-proofed results. Advanced risk analysis shows how your clean power portfolio will perform in different scenarios, helping you identify not just the least-cost options, but the optimal portfolio based on emissions, risk, cost, or percent carbon-free energy.

Lower Costs: Our subscription-based software lowers clean power purchase transactional costs by up to 70%. It can also provide longer-term savings by identifying which assets will provide the most robust defense against future changes (e.g., hourly- and location-matching requirements). 

Expertise: We combine industry-leading data science, large language models, and expertise from former Members of Google’s power procurement team to get you the best possible results, tailored for your organization’s goals.

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Tanner McAuley, Director, Business Development