Green Hydrogen Primer

Large industrial energy users have set ambitious, science-based GHG emission reduction targets and are looking for solutions to decarbonize their process heat footprints. Many are interested in better understanding the potential of green hydrogen as part of their mid- and long-term climate strategies.

To help energy users and policymakers better understand this rapidly evolving technology, this primer focuses on the application of green hydrogen for industrial process heat and provides a high-level analysis of both the potential and challenges of this technology. It is intended to enhance the knowledge of energy buyers, policymakers, and other key stakeholders and inspire deeper multistakeholder discussion and collaboration to ensure that green hydrogen plays an appropriate role. 

The primer will cover the following questions.

  • What is green hydrogen?
  • What are the major challenges to scaling green hydrogen?
  • How can we further unlock green hydrogen?
  • What environmental and social impacts do we need to be aware of about green hydrogen?
  • What can energy buyers do to scale green hydrogen?

Download the Green Hydrogen Primer