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Gas South is the largest retail natural gas provider in competitive markets throughout the southeastern U.S., with an expanding footprint that includes nearly half a million residential, business and governmental customers.

In 2022, Gas South launched an innovative solution to address scope 1 emissions across the United States and Canada. This offering—called FlexRNG—allows customers to displace a percentage of their natural gas consumption with renewable natural gas (RNG) and leverages carbon offsets to neutralize the remaining emissions.

FlexRNG is scalable, so users can increase their amount of RNG over time. Customers work with a dedicated account executive to create a plan that serves their budget and emissions targets. With FlexRNG, customers receive a blend of renewable thermal credits and carbon offset credits, which certify that their natural gas usage is carbon neutral. These credits are tracked, verified and retired on behalf of the customers, with monthly reporting for a clear view of their emissions reduction progress.

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FlexRNG’s unique structure includes low usage requirements and flexible term lengths, making renewable thermal energy accessible to more businesses. No matter where businesses are in their carbon neutral or net zero journey, Gas South’s solutions make it easy to start planning, make real and impactful progress, and ultimately reach their targets.

As an industry leader in charitable giving, Gas South commits 5% of profits to support children in need, donating more than $12 million since 2006. In 2022 alone, Gas South provided $3.2 million to organizations such as the YMCA, United Way, Ronald McDonald House, Girl Talk and Feed The Children. Gas South has also committed to investing $50 million in solar projects by 2023 to create a more sustainable planet for future generations.

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