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Electrified Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ETS) is decarbonizing industry with new electric heating and storage technologies. Our flagship product, the Joule Hive™ thermal battery, turns intermittent renewable electricity into constant industrial-grade heat. It is a stack of electrically conductive firebricks in an insulated container, which may be installed on-site as a drop-in replacement to fossil fuels in even the hottest industries. The system charges by running electricity directly through the bricks to joule-heat them, circumventing the operating limits of today’s electric heaters. The same bricks store thermal energy up to 1800+oC with minimal thermal loss for hours or days until needed. Discharging the system simply involves running air or another gas through the brick channels to provide constant, high-temperature heat to any furnace, boiler, turbine, or kiln.

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Phillip Stephenson,  VP Business Development