Statement from RTC Executive Director Blaine Collison on the Release of Electrification Action Plan

The following statement may be attributed to RTC Executive Director Blaine Collison:

“As less than 5% of industrial process heat in the U.S. is currently electrified, the near-term opportunity for electrification to decarbonize industry is significant. Companies seeking to electrify their operations face difficulties incorporating these technologies due to high upfront costs, inadequate renewable electricity supply, constrained workforce capacity, and limited support from federal and state policies. The Renewable Thermal Collaborative’s three-part action plan outlines our next steps as we seek to overcome these challenges through market, policy, and community actions. We will continue to collaborate with our Members and Solutions Providers – leading manufacturers, institutions, and solutions providers from around the world – to accelerate electrification with renewable and low-carbon electricity. We invite large thermal energy users – industrials, localities, and institutions – to join us in making this possible.”