About RTC

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) is a global coalition of companies, institutions, and governments committed to decarbonizing thermal energy use by scaling up renewable heating and cooling technologies at their facilities. The RTC focuses its work across the intersecting issues of technology, market development, and policy. 

RTC Members (buy-side) and Solutions Providers (supply-side) are invited to participate in multiple RTC workstreams to:

Identify and address barriers

Accelerate solutions

Implement projects and policies

Driving Change Across Industries

A Powerful Coalition of Energy Users and Solution Providers

The RTC was founded in 2017 and is facilitated by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, David Gardiner and Associates, and the World Wildlife Fund.

RTC Members and Solutions Providers include many companies in the US and the world across a diverse range of industries, including leaders in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, paper, healthcare, higher education, building materials, and automotive sectors. 

RTC Members include global industrial and institutional energy users representing more than $6 trillion in market capitalization. 

The RTC also includes a wide range of solutions providers and experts, including renewable thermal technology developers, project financiers, consultants, utilities, and more.

Our Goals

The RTC is the only global coalition focused exclusively on the decarbonization of thermal energy with renewable solutions. The RTC is a pre-commercial, pre-competitive initiative. The RTC conducts all of its work in compliance with our antitrust guidelines.

Create a community of over 100 companies, institutions, and governments committed to its goals by 2026

Enact policies for 30% industrial thermal emission cuts by 2030 and full decarbonization by 2050.

Accelerate thermal decarbonization globally

Our Vision