Renewable Thermal Collaborative

U.S. Gain

Organization Type:

Service Provider


Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Green Hydrogen, Advisory Services, Project Financing

Geographic Scope:

Canada, United States

Temperature Range:


U.S. Gain is a leader in the development and distribution of alternative fuel and renewable energy. Over the past ten years, we’ve brought new solutions to market—helping companies baseline transportation emissions, craft and implement polyfuel plans, and report on emissions reductions. Our suite of thermal solutions includes RNG and RSG—enabling organizations to deploy decarbonization plans that align with their environmental goals and project economics. Further, we connect organizations with carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs) to facilitate further Scope emission reductions. Backed by the strength and size of U.S. Venture, Inc., a leading provider of transportation products and insights, we’re committed to finding a better way for our customers and partners to succeed.