Hydrogen Technologies, LLC

Organization Type:

Service Provider


Geographic Scope:

Temperature Range:

65°C -254°C, 150°F – 489°F


Hydrogen Technologies (HT) offers an emissions-free steam and hot water boiler for hard-to-decarbonize thermal processes requiring production steam. In the U.S., 37% of the fossil fuel burned by industry is used to produce steam. By employing only oxygen & hydrogen in the boiler burner section, our solution provides a net negative GHG Scope 1 footprint, per Argonne’s GREET. Unlike conventional boilers, the HT boiler does not use atmospheric air for combustion nor exhaust nor induction boiler fans. Without atmospheric air and carbon combustion, the system does not emit CO2, N2, CO, SOx, NOx, etc.

Our boilers range in nameplate size from 6,600 lbs. of steam per hour (239 BHP) to 66,000 lbs. of steam per hour (2,390 BPH).

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