Calibrant Energy

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Solar Thermal, Thermal Storage, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Beneficial Electrification, Green Hydrogen, Biomass, Thermal Efficiency, Advisory Services, Project Financing, Energy-as-a-Service, Project Development

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Canada, Mexico, United States

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Calibrant Energy is the partnership of two of the world’s most respected and innovative companies in energy technology and the energy transition: Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure (SI), and Financial Services (SFS) groups and Macquarie’s Green Investment Group. Calibrant Energy will help clients realize their unique vision for energy transformation through the design and delivery of fully integrated and managed Energy as a Service Solutions (EaaS) with no up-front capital investment or operational and performance risk to the clients.

With Calibrant Energy, clients with qualifying facilities can simplify their on-site energy projects and take advantage of lower-cost sustainable energy sources and innovative technologies such as microgrids and hybrid power systems. These solutions can help organizations control their carbon footprint and meet the need of an “always-on” economy that requires 24/7 resilient operations. Siemens’ and Macquarie’s cumulative insight and financial backing paired with the depth and breadth of product offerings allow Calibrant Energy to provide solutions that can be delivered quickly and scaled to meet a client’s needs over time.

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Gregory Hallford, Director: Enterprise and Strategic Accounts