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Erthos is a renewable energy and hydrogen company committed to accelerating the world’s transition to carbon-free energy. We already radically simplified utility-scale solar projects and today offer the world’s lowest-cost form of electrical energy.  We now use that electricity to power our proprietary DC-coupled electrolyzer (the Hydrox™ Generator) to produce green hydrogen that can be combusted in our proprietary Hydrox™ boiler to produce clean industrial process heat. Through combustion of green hydrogen for industrial process heat, we can reduce or remove the need for natural gas and offer a powerful new pathway for industrial decarbonization.

We are now preparing to launch and scale a “Green Steam as a Service” (or GSaaS) business. Coupling our low cost of renewable energy with our green steam systems, and armed with our team’s previous experience scaling solar-as-a-service and other first-of-kind technology introductions, we will soon originate GSaaS contracts with industrial facility owners. Under this model, we will develop, own, and operate solar-to-steam projects that sell industrial process heat under long-term contracts to host customers at prices at or below their current (dirtier) natural gas contract price, with no upfront payment required.

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