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As a state-of-the-art platform that validates environmental attributes of energy, M-RETS is a leader in the environmental commodity tracking space and serves as a trusted centralized gateway to environmental markets. M-RETS issues a unique, traceable digital certificate for every dekatherm (Dth) produced by a renewable thermal generator. Types of renewable thermal technologies include RNG, hydrogen, ground source heat pumps, sewer/wastewater heat recovery, and many more existing and developing renewable thermal technologies. M-RETS registers projects in all states and provinces across North America.

Providing a transparent way to validate renewable thermal claims, M-RETS users retire RTCs to comply with regulation or to serve the voluntary market. The voluntary market represents utilities, companies and organizations that choose low-carbon products to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental performance. Interest in renewables from the voluntary market continues to rise as more organizations begin tracking and reporting sustainability performance. 

M-RETS goal in building an online platform is to increase market transparency, bring an increased level of integrity over paper attestations, and provide the value and liquidity necessary to support renewable thermal projects. The platform supports the use of scientifically validated carbon intensity pathways. Subscribers may select carbon intensities specific to their claim during the retirement process. The platform also supports eligibilities so states can ensure that only generators approved for their program may be used to support a claim for that specific state program. 

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