How to Join

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) is a collaborative platform to accelerate the deployment of renewable heating and cooling (RHC) solutions among companies, cities, and other institutions.

Our Long-Term Vision

The RTC works with all interested parties – other buyers of renewable heating and cooling, producers of renewable thermal technologies and service providers, non-profits, federal, state, and local governments to:

  • Educate all parties about the urgent need to address renewable options for thermal energy;
  • Identify market barriers to renewable thermal technologies;
  • Enable the delivery of cost-competitive renewable thermal options;
  • Improve the marketplace and financing for renewable thermal technologies; and
  • Develop a long-term vision for scaling up renewable thermal technologies in the United States and globally.

Engagement Opportunities & Working Groups

The RTC is interested in working with companies that will not only provide financial support for the organization’s mission to build and expand the market for renewable thermal technologies, but also their expertise in renewable thermal markets, projects, and policy.

Companies can join the RTC by becoming either a member or a sponsor. RTC members collectively decide on the priorities and strategic direction of the organization while recognizing the urgent need to meet the growing demand and necessity for RHC solutions in a manner that delivers cost-competitive options at scale. 

The RTC will continue to provide new options for companies looking to increase their visibility and highlight their expertise on renewable thermal technologies and services. To learn how your company can get involved, contact Blaine Collison at